So if you have natural hair, the journey and understanding your hair can be abit rocky, even if you think you have figured it out

So I have recorded a video about my recent setback, caused be a accumulation of reasons.
The hair is coming back, but it just takes patience and time.

In future posts I will be talking about new practices and new natural ingredients I am using in my hair.

Natural Hair loss video

How is your natural hair journey going?

Check out the setback in this video



Interview tips

So I have been job searching for a while now, and sometimes I do get interviews. But not the interview kind I like. Many have been group interviews, and here are some of the reasons why I don’t enjoy them.

  • They take longer than a normal interview, up to 3 hours plus
  • Being around false people, acting fake (we all know those people)
  • You need to have a lot patience
  • Active listening – I can zoon out quickly when bored
  • Feeling awkward around new people. I am a introvert, so if you are a introvert you can relate to this.
  • Forgetting a important key information because by the time it is your turn to share information you forget something.
  • Listening to many irrelevant stories (can be distracting)
  • Being judged or shall I say the feeling of being judged by others
  • The battle and hunger for the job, Think The Hungar Games, but you have to be nice and sneaky to compete to get the job
  • Being more nervous around many people
  • Proving you can actually work in a team, so if one of the other strangers in your team gets on your nerves, be nice
  • People being overly nice
  • Annoying people, those who can’t stop talking, or have many fabulous stories to tell (this is not a friends reunion)

Group interview tips

Good things about Group interviews

  • Everyone is in the same boat;as you, wanting a new job
  • Everyone is nervous too
  • I can show my team playing skills doing group interview tasks
  • I can show how I can communicate to other people in the room, being observed by the interviewers
  • Learning something new
  • Listening to interesting stories
  • Being in a room with different people and making new connections
  • Making new friends
  • Finding out new leads for other jobs, this is when talking is useful when talking to others in the group interview

What do you think, do you enjoy or dislike group interviews?

Job interview tips

How to prepare for a job interview

  • Do your research on that particular company
  • Do research on that particular work sector of that company
  • Make sure you check the job description throughly
  • Always have and carry a physical copy of your CV for your interview, is also very useful if your mind goes blank to have it there to check it
  • Plan your smart outfit to wear for the interview a day before 
  • Plan your journey before the day in advance, if you have to physically go to the interview. Due the pandemic I predict more interviews will be done on the phone or video-calling using Zoom, Skype and other video calling software
  • Make sure you set your alarm, to wake up early on that day
  • Prepare and memorise a quick speech, just a couple of sentences of who you are, what you do, showcasing your skills, experiences, talents and why you are suitable for the job
  • Rehearse your interview by doing a mock interview with someone else

Interview tips - what you need to know

On the day of the interview (individual or group)

  • Wake up at a good time
  • Eat breakfast
  • Make sure what you are wearing is representable and smart
  • Double check your journey in the morning, if you are physically going to the interview
  • Leave your home with plenty time to get to the interview, if you are physically going to the interview
  • Don’t forget to have your CV to hand
  • Stay calm
  • Find a quiet area if you are at home to have the interview online
  • Make sure your internet connection is good
  • Speak clearly at a normal pace
  • Answer questions fully, and avoid yes or no replies
  • Link work related answer to a situation you used the skills or solved a task

If there is anything I have missed out, please leave it in the comments below

The title of this blog post is because I was thinking of the Clint Eastwood movie, The Good, The Bad and the Ugly. Even though I have not fully watched this movie.


Why is your Natural hair not growing?

So being that I have natural hair and spoke about this in a past podcast episode last year. I thought it would be good to write a blog also to share the knowledge. Oh by the way I am a natural hair blogger, I have type 4b-4c short hair close to shoulder length. I have been creating content about natural hair for a couple of years, mainly on my Youtube channel MISSYBEELONDON. And my Instagram page MISSYBEELONDON. I don’t have all the answers but like I said sharing my knowledge below

Missybeelondon - naturalhairblogger

  • HAIR POROSITY – Understand your hair porosity. High porosity hair absorbs moisture easier, but losses it quickly too. Low porosity hair finds its hard to absorb moisture and retain it. So it’s good to know what products work good for your hair.
  • WATER – Do/are you drinking enough water during the day? The human body in made up of 50% to 70% water. The body needs a sufficient amount water to function properly.

Missybeelondon - natural hair blogger

  • HAIRSTYLES – What hairstyles are you styling in your hair? are they protective hairstyles? Bad hair manipulation causes hair tension which leads to breakage and hair loss
  • LIFESTYLE – Are you incorporating healthy foods in your diet? are you getting enough sleep per day? are you incorporating exercise regular in your lifestyle? These factors affect hair growth
  • SWEATING – Are you working out regular? Do you sweat regular on your head? If you have answered YES to both questions, you should be washing your hair more regular. As sweat contains Lactic acid which is not good for hair growth, but hinders it. I would suggest to rotate between using a co-wash and using a normal shampoo each wash day

Missybeelondon - natural hair blogger

  • MEDICATION – Are you taking any medication? check the side effects and if they are having effects on you. I myself was taking painkillers for a long period from summer last year till early this year everyday, even though it was ibruprofen, it was still the fact of taking it for a long period due to a injury. My hair was not the best during this time
  • DIET – Do you have a good diet? could you be lacking in vitamins or nutrients. I myself don’t eat fish so I take Cod liver oil capsules. And because I don’t eat much fruit, but getting better now with making fruit smoothies, I would take Vitamin C tablets. My diet is lacking in Vitamin B so I also take supplements for this. THINK ABOUT YOUR DIET!!! What are you lacking in?
  • ARE YOU STRESSED? What is going on in your life right now? Stress can effect hair growth.

Natural hair blogger

  • HAIR PRODUCTS – Are you using the right hair products i your hair? Watch out for products containing bad alcohols that can dry your hair. Get to know and understand ingredients in hair products
  • EDGES – Are you looking after your edges? Tension from doing certain hairstyles can lead to breakage and hair loss (repeating from HAIRSTYLES)
  • HAIR ROUTINE – What is your hair routine? Are you washing your hair regular? are you moisturising your hair regular? Do you sleep with a satin hair bonnet on your head or a satin pillowcase? Satin helps your hair to keep the moisture in when you are sleeping.
  • DEEP CONDITIONING – How regular do you deep condition your hair? Do you deep condition your hair? I like to deep condition my hair with or without heat every wash day

Best deep conditioners for natural hair in 2020Some of my fave deep conditioners from Shea Moisture, Aficas best, Sunny isles, and Activilong

  • DIY TREATMENTS – Do research on DIY hair treatments, and its good to make DIY treatment. Plus you actually know the ingredients in the treatment. I must admit I was lazy doing diys, but of lately been starting to incorporate natural ingredients to my haircare routine. Also doing diys you can save money. Examples honey, eggs, avocado, bananas, aloe vera leaf these are just a few to use.
  • INTOLERANCE TO FOODS AND INGREDIENTS – Is your body intolerant to any food or ingredients? For me I randomly can not eat coconut, which is odd. But as we get older the body becomes intolerant to more things. The body will react if it dosen’t like something.
  • IRON – Are you lacking in Iron? Again look at your diet. Search foods that are rich in Iron, are you eating these foods? you can also ask your doctors for a blood test, just to check your blood and if you are low on anything. Iron help with the production of Hemoglobin in the blood. Hemoglobin carries oxygen for the growth and repair of cells in your body, including hair.
  • SLEEPING – What do you have on your head when you sleep? Check (HAIR ROUTINE) I wear a satin hair bonnet to sleep in.
Purple satin hair bonnet for natural hair

Wear my new satin hair bonnet

  • MOISTURISATION – Do you moisturise your hair regular? in between wash days? How? What do you use? With water or without?
  • WATER – In between wash days what water are you using in your hair? PLEASE DO NOT SAY TAP WATER!!!!! If you do not drink water directly from the tap, why would you let it settle on your hair? Good water for your hair are DISTILLED WATER, BOTTLED WATER, and ROSE WATER
  • HEAD MASSAGE – Are you massaging your scalp regular? It is very good to do to stimulate blood flow to the head to promote hair growth.
  • PRODUCTS – Are you using the right type of products for your hair? Products that actually moisture your hair, not just for looks. Gels make a hairstyle look good, but don’t actually moisturise your hair. And are you using them consistently? Re-applying when your hair is dry.
Best hair products for natural hair

Some of my fave styling products from ASIAM, Shea Moisture and ORS

  • ENDS – Remember your ends too, they need loving too. They are the quickest part of your hair to be dry too. Add a little shea butter to your ends.
  • HAIR OILS – Good hair oils to use in your hair are Olive oil, Avocado oil, and Coconut oil. These oils penetrate into the hair shafts not just coat the hair strands.
  • COMBING/DETANGLING – Now this is something you should not be doing regular, but depends on how you have your hair. Also it is best to detangle your hair when damp. Spritz with water or apply a hair moisturiser or detangler before detangling.

There is more advice, but will leave it for another post.

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The word of the day is Thankful
Lets relate it to me, and hopefully you can relate it to yourself also
I am thankful for waking up everyday, we all should be thankful for this
I am thankful for breathing in fresh air, yes I know it could be cleaner, but you know what? It could be worse
I am thankful for the little pleasures in life, imersing myself in good music and many other little pleasures.
I am thankful for being able to express myself any way I want to, as we know in some countries it is now so especially if you are a woman, and also being a woman of colour
I am thankful for all those special people around me, you know who you are
I am thankful for freedom, like I said before in some countries women are not free
I am thankful for all the opportunities that have been given to me in my life, off course I have regrets and missed opportunities, but I move on, and learn for next time.
I am thankful to those who have helped me in my life family, friends, associates, colleagues, teachers and many more
Lastly I am thankful for the hard battles I have won in my life, there has been many, but I am here today.
Tell me what are you Thankful for?


“Pleased and relieved”

“Expressing gratitude and relief”


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What day is it today?

Natural hair blogger on Instagram
So is it me or does everyday nowadays feel like a bank holiday? For me it does. Everyday is quiet, outside is quiet, I am actually hearing the birds singing happily outside more. I really have to remind myself what day it is nowadays, what day is it today? (Only kidding) I have been in self isolation by myself for over 30 days, I really can not believe how time and the days are just flying by. I had many plans in April and looking forward to the summer. But now plans have had to changes.
How has being in self isolation impacted me?
Well I am going slightly stir crazy. I live by myself so this is not abnormal to me. I mean before the lockdown happened I was not working, I had just finished a course and passed my exams. And joined a local choir in March so was going to that once a week.

Natural hair blogger on youtube

Why did I join a choir? I hear you ask, well it was a self development thing I wanted to do, and to help me improve on my confidence, I do still have plans to be a public speaker, but I need to get over my fear of speaking in front of a crowd of people, I often do bedroom karaoke in my flat, but to sing in a group is different and to do shows in front of a crowd of people would help me to gain more confidence.

Sometimes its all about figuring out your own path to get to the goal.

I was going to a creative writing workshop, which surprised me, because I didn’t realise that when I am fully focused how much I can actually write. But these have both been put on pause for now and not sure when they will resume, especially when we come out of lockdown, social distancing will comes into play.

How have I been keeping myself occupied while being in self isolation?

Well I have started reading books, I will talk more about those books in future posts. To be honest I don’t really read books for leisure, but for learning for a course and so on. So this has been something new for me.
I was not creating video content for a little while, so I gradually got back into creating natural hair content for my social media platforms. (MISSYBEELONDON) I have been doing Lives on my Instagram page and Youtube channel more regular. OMG everyone is doing lives right now, because they are all at home, and that is keeping me entertained too.
Especially the Live dj sets, I love me some good music. My favourite dj Live sets are DJ ACE from Radio 1xtra, Ace of Jacks and Dnice who I have discovered since being on lockdown. Would you believe, this is so random by I participated in UK comedian Kojo amin song karaoke which he does regular on his Instagram page Live, I sang Usher nice and slow song, it was so much fun, I even won a t-shirt.
Also watching shows and movies on Netflix some of my faves including
  • To hot to handle
  • Love is Blind
  • Stranger Things
  • The Extraction
  • Dead to Me
  • Straight outta Compton
  • Lucifer
  • How to get away with Murder
  • Titans
  • The Umbrella Academy
  • Power
  • Top Boy
  • Black lightning
  • Santa Clarita Diet
  • Self Made : Life of Madam C.J. Walker
  • Think like a Man
I am writing more, thoughts, ideas and plans. Surprisingly I have only been in 4 Zoom meetings so far, during this time, a selfcare workshop, a taster session with a new choir, a natural hair sharing stories one and one where I actually gave advice about natural hair. I created a few new facebook groups too, I have too much time on my hands, lol. I think during this time it has given me time to stop and take a good look at my life and how to improve it too.
To be honest I like to distract myself a lot, but this can not be done all the time, and I have also started cognitive behaviour therapy (cbt) sessions on the telephone as we can not meet in person, social distancing, as I am only going outside for essentials and sometimes walks.
I don’t talk about this often but I suffer with high anxiety and low moods, but because of how my life has been since last year having a injury that stopped me from working and being in pain for a very long time and physically not being able to do much and to recent times, I realised that I needed help. I can be very stubborn and independent at times, but these traits are not practical sometimes. And the first step is actually realising that you need help.
My aim by doing these session is to learn coping techniques when I am having high anxiety moments, which is brought on by overthinking and worrying and feeling overwhelmed.

Anyways, now that it looks like most things I thought I would be doing will have to be adjusted. I am really investing time on my online presents more. Even work I had hope to get, now I have to change the direction also. Like I said earlier I am not working at this moment in time, but was looking forward to all the job opportunities summer was going to bring to me.

London events that was supposed to be happening but have now been cancelled or postponed. Social distancing again coming into play. So now I need to train myself up with new skills and do research for the new ventures I have plans for.

How has being in lockdown affected you?

On the grime side of things for me, I am not watching the News on TV too much now, as when I was in the past it was making me more anxious and had me overthinking more about the situation (COVID-19) Sometimes not feeling motivated to do much. My sleeping routine has not been the best of lately , hayfever symptoms has started with sneezing a lot and blowing my nose out regular, so I am glad I have plenty Loo roll. I still don’t really know what was with the panic overbuying of Loo roll?

What is happening right is out of my control, but the things I can still do I am thankful for, because you know what it could be worse.
Be patient, things will get better.
We will get through this.
For now I am taking things day by day for now.

Back again

Hello everyone

Welcome to my Blog page

So due to unforeseen circumstances, my previous blog page is no more, sadly. And at this moment in time I wanted to get my creative juices flowing again. So decided to create a new blog page. Where I will be sharing life topics, natural hair and much more. Being that I am a social media content creator. Check me out on my other social media platforms Instagram Missybeelondon Youtube Missybeelondon.

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