So this is a blogging post. So are you feeling overwhelmed from blogging?

Ask yourself these questions –

What has changed within this period of being overwhelmed?

What is causing the feeling of being overwhelmed?

Are you feeling unprepared for a specific post?

Here are my tips for when I am feeling overwhelmed


If you can step away from the device you use to create blog posts. Listen to relaxing music, go outside for a walk. Give yourself time to relax, distract and reflect.

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Remind yourself why you started Blogging? Is it your passion? Why? Or professional? What drives you to blog?


Get your pending posts and information needed for blog posts in order. Take your time, no need to rush.


If you have many posts in drafts, go through them, and update them if needed, then schedule the posts to publish or delete them if they do not bring value to your page.


If it is not urgent or time sensitive, there is no need to rush. Take your time.


Make a list of pending posts to post so you have a visual schedule, not just keep everything in your mind or apps used to schedule post.


Make a list of future post ideas, and don’t forget seasonal posts too. And jump on trend if they fit your niche.


As sometimes I handwrite posts on paper, I also write a list of posts to type up. And I also set targets to type them up and have them in drafts and then schedule the posts to publish on particular dates.

Paperwork picture


I myself feel it is good to physically write things down and sometimes I notice that I write more with a pen on paper than typing a initial post, using writing words which is good. Even though some might say I am doing double work, but this works for me. And I am not a fast typer.

Hand written picture

Don’t forget scheduling post is a good thing to do, and time effective.

I hope these tips were useful?

Do you have any other suggestions?

I think once you have a proper plan and have everything in order, it does get abit easier to manage. And continue these techniques to be more productive on your blog.

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  1. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with blogging when I have alot going on in my personal life. It happens to the best of us! But these tips are great, especially the taking the break one. I personally do this whenever I get the feeling of being overwhelmed. It really helps me to re-focus.

    Olivia |

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  2. It’s interesting to see that you write more with a pen and paper… I’m the opposite! It might be because I’m so used to typing and handwriting hurts my hand… but I get what you mean. I write more (and with more passion) when I use my notes on my phone than my laptop

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