Hello everyone

So I got another notification from WordPress recently, well in December. To let me know I have published 50 blog posts. Its funny because to be honest I don’t reaaly keep a tally of how many posts I have published on this Blog. This year has been kind of a blur in some aspects. And just trying to stay focused on my main goals.

I still can’t believe it, but thankful WordPress has indicated this to me. For the past few weeks I have really been trying to put my all into my blog and prepping for this new year, 2021.

It is good WordPress highlights these milestones, but I really do not want to focus on numbers too much, if you understand?

I guess this is my personal achievement, onwards and upward in 2021.

Thank you again everyone who reads my blogs. And how my blogs have been received very well, as sometimes I am unsure how my audience perceives my blogs.

And in this year 2021 I will be sharing and celebrating the small milestones not just the big ones more.

I am thinking should I set some definite targets or go with the flow with my blog?

Ok here are a few

  • To reach 500 WordPress followers by August 2021
  • Achieve 1,000 post likes by August 2021
  • Grow my mailing list
  • Continue creating good content

Celebrating picture


  1. Congratulations!! I hadn’t considered celebrating the small milestones, but I will from here on. Although I never mention them, they do make me smile and motivate me to do more. I love your goals! I’m thinking I should sent a few too. Thanks for the inspiration and Happy New Year!!

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    1. Thank you for reading my post. I used to be quiet about when I reach small milestones, but do you know what? it’s something good to share big or small. And be proud to of them. Happy new year too you too.

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    1. I don’t create pictures from stretch using canvas. I create posters. I would just say try out can’t and explore what the app has. Maybe you can create pictures, but I don’t use it for that


      1. It’s pretty simple when u go on canvas. So many templates and styles to choose from and in different sizes. I ain’t the best at explaining this. But like I said it’s easy to use.


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