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Hello everyone

I felt it was time to give a quick update on my blog. To update you all on what I will be posting on here from now on. The main reason for this post is to update you on the change. And to admit the fact that I lost my direction on my blog. With everything that is going on I got swayed into creating content that was easy to create, and more general content.

Don’t get me wrong, I like to create content with a purpose. But the content I was creating was not directly in my niche. And just more of self-help and generally useful content.

The fact that looking back at the stats on my blog and that natural hair posts performed better, but I was creating other content due to the pandemic and my mindset.

Here are my popular posts of 2020 – TOP 5 POSTS OF 2020

I sadly got sidetracked, and was not creating natural hair content like I should be doing. I say I’m a natural hair blogger but have not created much natural hair posts so far this year in 2021.

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So the update is that I will be creating more natural hair content, but it will not all be about natural hair. I will be sharing knowledge on how to improve on natural hair health and growth, natural hair product reviews, and getting more in-depth into natural hair and natural hair practices including my natural hair journey. And to learn more about natural hair myself, as I don’t know everything. My natural hair inspirations also. So I’m pivoting back to my natural alignment. I will also be doing skincare post which is new to me, but willing to explore more into skincare especially as I have oily skin. Their will be a few general posts, but I’m a natural hair blogger. And I hope to resume blog interviews this year.

I understand if this is not something that is of interest to you.

I really don’t know why I was restricting myself, but I know I can get easily distracted sometimes. I just have to be honest that I have been feeling demotivated with life and not really doing too much with my hair, but knowing I should be doing more. And I think most of my natural hair content is on my Instagram page @missybeelondon. But I should take stock and reflect on how much my natural hair has changed since last year being in a pandemic and and many lockdowns. And also I’m doing many free online webinars, learning new skills and improving on the skills I already have, to keep my mind active and distracted.

Natural hair is my passion. So I should be doing more.

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  1. In my personal experience, writing about what you feel passionate about its what really keeps you motivated, so if natural hair is your passion, you definitely should be writing more about it in your blog.


  2. I totally can relate to losing direction while blogging or just getting lost among my passions! I’m excited for the journey and overall I love your writing no matter what its about. Looking forward to the natural hair content because I’m a natural too who is so lazy lol

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