So I guess COVID-19, brought this about. Especially as I have not been doing much for a very long time. And even though being advised to take regular walks by many people, it seemed pretty alien to me. As my thought pattern was that ” I walk to go places, and thats it!!”. Why would I want to walk around aimlessly? Nowhere to go?But I guess something came to me after all this time. IDEA try walking in my local park, and I did it. And now I am taking walks regular nearly everyday, and make more of a effort if I am not doing anything on particular days to go outside for a walk. And I must admit even though the weather is cold I still enjoy it.

I guess another reason is because of my weight gain. Gyms being closed even though I never really went to the Gym, and only being able to do certain fitness activites. Walking is low impact which is good for me, as I have flat feet and have recovered from a few knee and feet injuries in the past. So it is not practical for me to jog like I see many people do. I need to get a new pair of trainers soon to only wear for walking. I also record quick TIKTOK videos outside, lip syncing to music and doing easy dance Tiktok videos, as I like to record videos in differnt locations, not just in my flat.

Missybeelondon on tiktok

Anyways here are the benefits I have experienced from walking regular –


I would love to say clear air, but we all know London air is polluted, luckily I am not too close to the main roads that are always busy (car pollution). And walking in the park surrounded by many greenery, Trees and green grass is good. And I like to look at the clouds in the sky.

Clouds in the sky


As my fitness is not the best. So working my lungs and heart to work better, but not working up too much of a sweat as walking is low impact. I do like to brisk/fast walk around my local park, doing many laps that I can actually lose count.


My legs are starting to tone up, which is good. Many Jeans I want to be able to fit back into eventually.


As we know walking regular can help with weight loss. I myself have noticed I have lost a few pounds on my scales already.

Missybeelondon on tiktok


By doing brisk fast walking, breathing through my nose, and keeping my mouth close is good again to help your lungs to work better and get stronger.


It helps me to clear my mind, I had a past conversation with someone, and at that time I didn’t take them seriously, about how they was saying how good it was to do walks regular. But I clearly understand now as I walk regular myself now. And many great ideas come to my mind when I am walking, so in the future I will be carrying a small notebook to jot the ideas down. I could use my phone, but it can be distracting when you get other notifications also. I only want to get my phone out to change the music I am listening to and for the time and to show me my step count, nothing else. And when I have taken a quick break to record a few Tiktok videos.


So right now there is not many place to go, due to Lockdown restrictions. By doing regular walks it turns into a routine and is something to do when outside.


I have noticed I have been sleeping better since I have started to do walks regular, because to be honest I am not doing anything much at home to keep active. But I know a few online workouts I would to try this year. Just incase there days I am unable to go outside. I have been very consistent since I been doing regular walks, even going out in the cold weather even a little drizzle from the rain is not stopping me, and when it is dull looking outside. Right now I am feeling very determined.



As I have said in my introduction, it is a light form of low impact exercise. As I can not do to much physical activities and I can only do certain exercise activities so not to aggravate pre-existing injuries.


It is a good way to keep active and stay fit, than to be in my flat not doing much. And walking is free 🙂


I have noticed sighs of elevated mood since walking regular, so it has improved my mental health. Even though I have had many stresses in 2020, that only was sorted out in December. So those stresses have been lifted of my shoulders.

Good morning


This one is random, for me or just because I am trying to be more active now, but I have noticed a increase in my appetite. Which I must say is good. And I have lost a few pounds in weight already.


I feel doing regular walks helps with my anxiety, and gets me out the house. When there is not a lot going on in my life right now. Because there were times when I have had bad bouts of high anxiety and just can’t face going anywhere. And can be in my flat for many many days and not go anywhere. Even though I know the cases of COVID-19 is still high. And there can be many people in the park. I still am enjoying doing my walks in the park.


From the lovely Sun in the sky, when the skin is exposed to sunlight it promotes the cholesterol in the body to make Vitamin D, and is essential for body health. Always remember to wear sun protection.


Regular walking can aid in reducing or lower your blood pressure, if you have been advised you have a raised or high blood pressure. (updated 04.02.2021)


I do my walks in a local park to me where I would generally be in the park for around and hour up to 2 hours per visit. And it’s funny how time just flies by when you’re doing something and not watching it. And taking advantage of these lovely parks that are nearby me.

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Walking picture

Do you take walks regular?

How do you feel after your walk?



  1. You’re right, it’s good for you and the benefits are numerous but I find walking so boring 🙈 I either need to be doing high impact exercise or nothing at all 😅

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  2. I don’t walk daily but I really want to. I have a small daughter so if I go out I’m generally taking her to the playground, but when I have the chance to have a moment alone I’ve been taking walks especially because like you, being stuck inside has kept me from being active as normal. and my job is a sedimentary one so my back has been unhappy! but I love all the other bonus points that you brought out too!

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