So I recently took up the opportunity to speak about my natural hair in Lockdown at a online webinar hosted by CARING FOR HAIR, Lorna Jones. Lorna has hosted many online natural hair webinars since the first Lockdown in the UK, early 2020.

I throughly have enjoyed Caring for Hair online webinars learning more about natural hair. Covering many topics such as how to look after natural hair, learning about different hair issues and having the opportunity to listen to many experts in this field share their knowledge and wisdom about natural hair.

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So when Lorna asked if anyone was interested in sharing their natural hair experiences while being in Lockdown at a previous event. I jumped at the chance, even though I’m not a big fan of using Zoom. Communications was made by emails before the webinar happened, where I would share my natural hair experience. The webinar happened on the 28th of February 2021.

I will say Caring for Hair has been frequently holding online webinars every month.

Anyways lets get into the questions asked that I answered. I will say I have added more information in this post. As I only had around under 10 minutes to speak in the webinar as there were many speakers at this webinar. And so everyone had a good amount of time to speak and share their experiences.



In the beginning of Lockdown I experienced panic, not knowing what’s properly going on, but seeing updates on the news regular everyday. I was running low on a few hair products. And not knowing where to go to get them, as non-essential shops had to suddenly be closed down during these times also including hair shops. I will admit that I don’t always like to purchase hair products online.

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I was struggling to find a Black owned business who sold Rose water, as I wanted to make more of a effort to buy products from Black owned businesses. Right now if I’m honest it’s all about convienence and I’m able to purchase Rose water from a local shop close to me, that has not had to close during Lockdown as it is classed as a essential shop. I really do need to share the benefits of using Rose water on natural hair, which I will share in a future post.

Vitamin E is another thing I struggled to find being sold by a Black-owned business, and there were issues with stock availability. As last year I discovered good things about using Vitamin E oil in natural hair.

Also the panic and stress of being in the first Lockdown, exacerbated a hair issue I already had by making me think it was worser due to heat damage and having bad edges and noticing a bald spot in my edges. But then realising my edges have been through so much and the heat damage didn’t help the area in concern. And it will take a very long time to get better.

I remember during this phase looking at the affected area everyday and stressing about it, and taking many pictures on my phone. And then comparing the pictures and not seeing much improvements, which stressed me out even more. I even contacted Lorna, and she gave me advice and reassurance about my hair issue.

But like I have said that particular area of my hair has been through a lot, due to bad hair practices in the past and that I used to pick out my hair especially my edges due to tight hairstyles regular many years ago, not knowing then it could lead to permanent hair loss.

I did record a Youtube video talking about my edges and how I got heat damage.

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Being in many Lockdowns has given me more time to think about things. And put in the time and efforts to improve my life, as there was less distractions.

But it has also had a bad effect on my mental health, but when I look at the bigger picture, things could of be worser.

So I somehow have to keep moving and not stay still

A positive aspect from being in Lockdown was that I was able to start blogging again, and share my experiences and information.

I could write forever for this section, but let’s get into the next question.



To be honest I’m just fed up now. I remember Lockdown 1 but Lockdown 2 seems like a blur to me now. Lockdown 3 just feels never ending now, and has been the worst Lockdown for me compared to Lockdown 1 mentally. I feel fed up and my life has just stood still, with everyday just feeling like the same. With nothing new happening things are just too routine and repetitive. Things I used to enjoy doing, I don’t get much enjoyment from nowadays. Social media has been a blessing and a curse, with nothing much to do, more time was spent on it. And for whatever reason I lost interest in watching my fave YouTubers on Youtube, even natural hair tutorials. I got my watching videos fix from Instagram, and still had to take regular breaks from Instagram too. As I felt I was consuming too much especially after George Floyd. I feel like a year has passed by and what do I really have to show for it?

I’m doing less with my hair aswell sadly. But I have to bring that motivation back. And remember to be thankful I still have hair on my head.



I had to speak about my DIY Coffee mask I have been using in my hair since last year in Lockdown, and how I have seen improvements in the health of my hair since using the coffee mask.

Maybe getting heat damage was a blessing in disguise as I stopped using heat in my hair while deep conditioning since it happened, and I only recently started to use a LAVACAP, which is a heat cap used for deep conditioning natural hair, but this cap is much more safer on natural hair compared to a hooded hair bonnet hair dryer attachment.


Another contributing factor to the better health and growth of my hair, was using Rose water in my hair regular, and I notice the difference when I don’t use Rose water in my natural hair, that my hair is much more itchy. I also use a Hair journal that I won in a giveaway last year, which has helped me to log everything I do to my hair. Including products I use for washing my hair, deep conditioning my hair and styling products and how regular I re-moisturise my hair and write down changes with my hair. And if I wasn’t doing somehting to my hair regular note it down, as it would be a reference for later on.

Starting the water challenge in March, this was something I forgot to speak about in the webinar, and the benefits of being active and walking more.

“Healthy body, good mind, healthy hair”.

I did make Aloe Vera gel for the first time, from using the Aloe Vera leaf during the first Lockdown. But it was short lived as I only made it once, the effort to make the gel all I can say it takes alot. And Aloe Vera gel has a short shelf life, but I will say it can be put in the freezer.

I prefer to use Aloe Vera powder as it’s much more convenient for me with my natural hair routine.

I have been using other plants that are in powder form which I use in my deep conditioner. I will talk about in a future post.

I also forgot to speak about using Bentonite clay in my hair to detox my natural hair. I did write a post about on How to use Bentonite clay in natural hair, and the benefits of using Bentonite clay.

I’m very glad I took the opportunity to do this, and I hope to speak at many events and webinars in the future.



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  1. I enjoyed reading the interview!! I obviously enjoyed the mental health section especially the detail you went into because it helped me to see that we all are in a similar frame of mind. My hair is definitely a mess but I’m just rolling with the punches lol. Working from home means I don’t do my hair unless I absolutely have to — which is terrible lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah when lockdown happened last year the first one I guess I was more stressed and that’s how it manifested. Now it’s like I’m just fed up with lockdown, the UK is gradually getting back to normal.
      So much that is not being spoken about in the news especially mental health, and how the pandemic has affected people. And the government not looking after the people.
      As long as you have a good haircare routine it’s ok. I still ain’t doing too much with my hair either. Once a month washing my hair, but trying to get into the habit of washing my hair more regular in a month.
      The weather is not good here too, cold 👀👀.
      Things will get better.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yess you’re so right, the mental health effects of this will definitely transcend the other ones and outlast them.

        When does your summer and warmer weather start?

        Liked by 1 person

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