Hair products

So I was thinking recently what are my natural hair essential items. Being that I am a natural hair blogger let me share with you a few of my essential hair items. As because if I listed everything it would be a very long read.

Afro comb (Afro pik)

This is a essential and must have if you have natural hair for twistouts and braidouts. Twistout styles are my got to hairstyle if my hair is out. And have done many tutorial videos on how to achieve twistouts on my Youtube channel. Essential styling tool this is, helps to give my hair more body and volume and easy to use. Note this is not a comb I would use to detangle my hair.

Black Afro pik

Wide tooth comb

If you know the struggle with detangling natural hair. Then you know the benefits of using a wide tooth comb to detangle your hair. Using a wide tooth comb makes it easier to detangle your hair, and less breakage is caused and less pain. Even though I would always finger detangle my hair first, then if needed use a wide tooth comb. And when you put certain hair products in your hair using the wide tooth comb to help with curls.

Black wide tooth comb

Spray bottle

Well to be honest before I never liked to use water based products on my hair when out or even in styles because of shrinkage, which I hated. And took me awhile to understand that shrinkage is a sign of healthy hair. My hair has changed so much from couple of years ago to now, and watching back some of my old videos and seeing the difference. I purchased the 360 spray bottle couple years ago and love how it distributes the water on my hair strands. REMEMBER WATER IS GOOD FOR YOUR HAIR. I will do a blog about water on hair in a future post.

360 water bottle spray

Satin hair bonnet

Right now I only have 2. I received one from The natural tool kit last month, and my first one I got from eBay last year. Which was a game changer for my hair, as before I just used to tie my hair up in a hair scarf. I like how the bonnets are not tight on my big head and keeps the moisture on my hair.

Purple satin hair bonnet

Satin pillowcase

Which I recently got from eBay, after seeing a fellow natural hair blogger talking about it. And that I realised when we are in the hot season, my head gets hot when sleeping, so at least if I don’t have anything on my head it is ok on the satin pillowcase. And my head is a little cooler.


During the cooler months you will always see me in a headwrap. If you look at my Instagram page you will see the majority of my pictures I am wearing a headwrap. Why is this? To be honest because I don’t do much with my hair and its just more convenient to wear a headwrap than having to be stressed out on how to style my hair. My hair is usually in chunky twists or flat twists, and to get a good twistout for me I keep the style in for couple of days. Also I have a big long head, lol, so normal caps and hats look funny on my head or don’t look good on my head.


Quick head wrap tutorial

This could of been my Top 5 essentials for my hair, but added 2 more.


What are your top 5 hair essentials?

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      1. Just saw it, thanks. It’s weird to say but I can never tie the silly thing in a cute way… I always end up looking like someone’s grandma or like I’m about to rob a bank!

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