So I was inspired to write this blog post from seeing various content on the web. Recently watching Swirly Curly YouTube video.

Swirly Curly youtube video

So I thought I would make my own version. Being that I have natural hair and observing closely what has and what has not been working for me. And trying to maintain a good hair routine also for hair health and growth.

Have you read my blog Why is my natural hair not growing?

Anyways let’s get into this


Shea butter can be used on the skin and hair. Shea is a fat that is extracted from shea tree nuts. Shea butter for hair is very good, packed with so much goodness to moisturise the hair, prevent breakages and known to reduce scalp irritation. But is a heavy product in it’s raw state and not to be used everyday because of this reason.

Shea butter in a bowl


Oils are good some are thicker that others. But there is no need to be using oil on your hair and scalp everyday. And will lead to product build buildup and clogged pores. Use oil in your hair every couple of days if you need to. Or your can mix it into your spray bottle with your water based hair refresher. Shake well before using. The only time I put oil directly on my hair is on wash days in the styling process. And in between wash days I have oil added to to spray bottle mixed with some other ingredients. There was a time I used to use oil regular in my hair on my scalp, but have changed my routine. Which I will talk about in future blog.

 oil in a glass bottle


Your edges are or can be very fragile especially from manipulating them every day, and if you are using Edge control/creams on them it will cause the pores to clog up and hair shaft product buildup also. And as we know these products are thick and heavy for the fact that they lays the hair down flat for a long period of time if it’s a good one. I have only found 2 good edge controls that work good on my hair. But to be honest, I don’t do much with my edges as they are not the best and I just let them be to help them grow better.


Hair dryers, curling tong, and hair straightners. We all know that using too much heat in your hair regular can cause heat damage, even if you are using a heat protectant. Try to reduce the usage of using heated tools. And look into ways of straightening your hair without heat. Or embrace your natural curls.

Hair tools


yes brushing or combing your hair everyday. Is it necessary to do this everyday? And if you are try to do this when your hair is damp or wet as you get less shedding this way. Try to finger detangle your hair if you can also. Look into how you prepare your hair for styling, if your can style your hair when it is damp as it is more manageable.


Styling your hair everyday, is it necessary? Or could you have the same style for 2-3 days? Why am I asking this, the less manipulation you put on your hair the happier it will be. Or choose low manipulation styles

Also – Stop playing with your hair every day, if there is no reason to style your hair everyday then just let it be. Take a break





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