Is February really the month of LOVE. I was really thinking about this recently, well in January. We all know and remember VALENTINE’S DAY is in this month. I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day, why? Because I have had many days being single on this day. And secondly this day has been so commercialised and hyped up so much on businesses profiting from this particular day. And made to feel that this particular is the only day to show you love your partner, by what you get them. And if you don’t do this, then you are in trouble. It’s like you have to make sure you spend money on this day to show your love for your partner.

Love picture

Nope this is a hyped-up tradition. With flowers costing double the amount and chocolates too all because of the day in question.

But is February really the month of LOVE? Or is it all just about the hype of it all?

Let me do some research on this month. Below is what I found.

Google search

So the above shows proof that what I was thinking was correct.

February is the month of love a time for Valentine’s Day and remembering love, emphasizing the importance of love in our lives. It’s not very unusual for us to fail to put 2 & 2 together

We know that normally in January it is the highest rate of divorces made. I guess this is because of it being the start of a NEW YEAR, wanting a fresh start from an unhappy marraige, getting through the Christmas period.

So what should we associate the month of January with?

Heartbroken picture

I think what we are told when we were younger and seen on media, really does imprint on the minds. And how things are supposed to be, by the outer influences.

Please bear in mind these are just my opinions, who know they may change.

Let’s see how February plays out this year. What could possibly happen?



Love picture



  1. I’m not very fond of Valentine’s Day. I don’t see much point in celebrating love on a particular day, specially because everything is actually more expensive and crowded, like restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels… although not this year with the pandemic still around. I personally believe any day is a perfectly good occasion to celebrate love.

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    1. Ah we have black history month in October in the UK. Yeah the weather is not nice right now. With the pandemic right now, not much love talk. We just trying to get through each day and be thankful.

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