So you know how it goes, every new year some of us like to make New Years Resolutions. And some of us don’t stick to them for long. Here are some that don’t work and why. I was prompted to do this by reading a recent post by METRO newspaper.


Many people have said “ I PLAN TO JOIN THE GYM IN THE NEW YEAR“. But it’s short lived and the momentum fades. Enthusaim goes,the going to the Gym routine becomes a non-routine. I would say if you’re thinking about joining a Gym JUST DO IT. What are you waiting for?

In order to make a big change, a few smaller things have to be in place. Just think you go to the Gym, but you have not changed your eating habits or even trying to eat healthier. Then why are you going to the Gym as you will not see desired results as you have not changed your calorie intake.

I suggest set achieveable targets, be strict if you have to, to smash your personal goals. Change your eating habits and just take your time. And do fitness activities that you enjoy, because if you are not enjoying it, you are more likely to loss interest.

weighing scales pictureBE MORE POSITIVE

Well we all know this is a change in your mindset, and changing your mindset and how you think doesn’t happen overnight as some would wish to think. Y ou really have to dig deep and look at ALL things in a new positive light.

But also to aknowledge when you’re not OK, not everyday will be a good day, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you’re unable to stay positive all the time. And always know today was not a good day, but tomorrow will be BETTER.

To be positive all the time, no one can really do this.

positive quote


This is a tricky one as both parties have to be on the same level and not just putting up with things for a easy life, for it to work effectively. And will not last due to these factors –

  • Different desires – basically wanting different things.
  • Putting the blame on others and not on yourself, it you were in the wrong.
  • Not putting in enough effort into the relationship or disillusioned that it would be a easy process.
  • Outside pressures – work. financial, and other life pressures.

Start small and be specific in what you want to achieve, and listening helps.

love picture


As we know for some changes to take effect, the length of time for this to happen can vary, meaning that you may be able to see results quickly or there might be a length of time to pass before you start to see change.

To change a habit bad to good, takes time and adjusting to the new way takes patience. Which sometime may not be enought to stick to the good habit. To change your behaviour and stick to it for good. Many fail. for example I have have a sweet tooth and like sugary foods, but I know once I do more in relation to fitness, I am going to have to really curb on the sugary foods I eat, make adjustments and really stick to them, one day.

When you really look at it, it really is about changing many little habits, then put them all together can be a big change.

happy new year picture






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