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So I thought I would do second series on my blog page, the theme will be Interviews with Natural hair bloggers from various social media platforms.

for this week I will be interviewing @sassynappyjess

@saaaynappyjess on Instagram

My name is Jessica, I’m a natural hair Influencer/content creator. I enjoy creating natural hair content, doing a little make up here and there. I also enjoy cooking and taking care of my family. I’m a mother of two handsome son’s. Who also have beautiful long healthy natural hair.
What is your hair type?
I’m a type 4 natural. I’ve been told from several beauticians that I’m type 4a/b with a little bit of 4c in my crown area.
How long have you been a natural for?
I’ve been natural for 8 long trying years! I didn’t learn how to take care of my natural hair, and get it to grow until about 2 years ago!! I was sleeping on so many things!! Then I finally got serious about my hair.
How do you feel about shrinkage?
My shrinkage and I have a love hate relationship, I know it means my hair is healthy. But… That doesn’t mean I have to like it. Lol I feel like as my hair gets longer I won’t despise it as much.
What do you love most about your natural hair?
I love the versatility of my natural hair. I can wear it in so many different styles, I can blow it out, or I can straighten it.
What does your hair wash day routine look like? How long does it last?
My wash day routine is actually kinda longggg. I always start out with a diy prepoo that I make in my own kitchen. It’s full of alot of wonderful things my hair loves. Fresh Aloe, Sea moss gel, organic raw honey, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Peppermint Oil, and a few essential oils. I allow this to sit on my hair for an hour, Then I wash my hair in sections, rinse it out. Then I apply a deep conditioner sit under my hooded dryer for 30 mins. Then I rinse the conditioner out. Apply my leave in conditioner while still in the shower. I come out of the shower add a Moisturizing cream a oil to seal it all in with, then I twist my hair and allow it to dry. My wash day takes about 3 to 4 hours some days.
Do you Pre-Poo your hair? If yes or no why?
I prepoo my hair every single wash day. This makes my wash day so much easier as far as tangles and managing my hair as a whole! It also helps protect my hair from being stripped during my wash day.
When was the last time you visited a hair salon?
The last time I visited a salon was May of this year. I went for a trim and a perm rod set.
What is your favourite hair oil?
My favorite oil is definitely Jamaican Black Castor Oil. My hair has gotten so thick since I’ve been using it every single wash day!
Have you ever coloured your hair before? If yes what did you use?
I actually recently colored my hair using a box dye and a 20 developer. It actually came out nice, just not as light as I would like it to be. So I may do it again in about 3 months.
When was the last time you trimmed your hair? Do you trim your hair yourself or someone else?
I usually go to the salon for my trims. But last time I trusted a salon she cut off 3 or 4 inches of my hair!! So the last time I trimmed my hair, I actually did it myself! And did not do a bad job!! I blew it out and just did a quick dust of the ends. Nothing major.
What are your favourite hair products?
I love so many good products. I love The Mane Choice, Miche, Mielle, Camille Rose & Tgin. I just started trying out some Miche products!! They are a little pricey but definitely worth the coins!!!
Do you have any hair disaster stories you would like to share?
My only hair diaster story I have is the one I mentioned where I went to the salon for a trim and she cut my hair!! I was so hurt!! I haven’t been back to a salon since!! But I will say she cut my hair in May and we are not in Sept. And my hair is back where it was before the cut! So it challenged me to see if my hair routine was really growing my hair.
Hair tips that have been helpful for you?
The main hair tips that I’ve found that have truly helped me was deep conditioning every wash day, and being consistent with a good solid regimen that I stick to every week.
What are your hair goals?
I don’t have but one main hair goal. And that’s to see exactly how long my hair can grow. I want my hair to be Rapunzel length one day!!
What is your go to hairstyle?
My go to style is always a twist out. It’s quick and fast. And one of the first styles I learned to do!
Advice for new naturals
My advice to a new natural is to learn your hair type, and buy things that are for your porosity and hair type!! Set a strict hair regimen and stick to it.
My social media links:
My main platform is instagram. Check out and follow @sassynappyjess for content just about everyday.

Thank you for taking the time to share with us @sassynappyjess

The next interview with another natural hair blogger will be coming out next week.

If you would like to be featured in a future natural hair blogger interview post, you can contact me on Instagram

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