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This post was inspired by fellow blogger OLIVIA LUCIE BLAKE.

It feels like every day is the same right now, and not remembering what day it is on most days. Mondays feel like Sundays, Wednesdays feel like Thursdays and so on. As for myself and many other people who are in the UK, as we endure another Lockdown, the third Lockdown to be precise, due to the Corona Virus. (covid-19)

And because things just feel and seem very routine and the same with little changes, myself and others can sometimes bypass the little changes and moments that can happen in a day.

OLIVIA made a post that was 6 Things that made me happy this week. After reading it, it made me reflect on the good things that has happened to me recently, and reminded me to be thankful.

So I’m going to share some of the things that have made me happy recently –


Passing many regular covid-19 tests, even though I like to think I don’t have the virus. Because I volunteer for a charity organisation once a week. It is required that volunteers and staff members get tested weekly. As official prove that I don’t have the virus. Negative tests results so far. I’m living a very quiet life right now.


Feeling better in myself, as a few weeks ago I was not feeling the, mentally. But I understand the low days that I do experience. Especially due to the situations right now, and that most times the low days pass after a couple of days. If they last longer then it might be cause for concern for myself.


Even though the weather is cold right now. It really is cold recently. I know that Spring is coming soon. The weather has been slightly unpredictable for the pass few months, and I was not expecting to see Snow in February. Anyways better days are coming, as their has been many dull gloomy days of lately. I don’t know what it is, but when the Sun is not out fully because the sky are very cloudy, my mood decreases. And when the Sky is blue and the sun is out it’s like a energy boost to my body and mental health too. And I’m guessing because I’m not working right now to keep me busy I’m noticing this more. So I’m positive better days are coming and from the latest government update on 22.02.2021 for us in the UK that we will be easing out of Lockdown soon and will hopefully have a better summer this year.


Being able to do so many free online webinars, learning so many useful things. I recently completed many online learning sessions including Learning about Canva, The Pinterest Challenge, and Well Being sessions. Even though I experience online learning fatigue very quickly, I was able to fully complete all off them and not give up because I was having difficulties concentrating and staying focused. Now its all about going through the notes taken and actioning what I learnt. Which I’m going through bit by bit, and have actioned some of what I have learnt also, so not all is forgotten.


Even though I have neglected my hair in January 2021, I’m glad to say that it’s still flourishing, she says with caution for now. Because sometimes it can take a couple of months to see the effects of not looking after natural hair properly. And hopefully when the post is published in going strong with the water challenge in March, to drink 2 litres of water a day.


No bad news communications of anything bad happening from my family and friends. Well actually there was a few.

So even though I have been slacking on my blog page recently, for the past few weeks. It might seem like otherwise as I was putting out posts regular. That is because in January I invested time into creating many posts and scheduling them. But due to not making this a routine. I have to put time into my blog again to get back to track.

But I have not let it get me down, I guess my mind has been preoccupied with other commitments.

I also recently joined Clubhouse, I must say it’s a very cool place to be. Listening to other people sharing their knowledge and experiences, stories, and the many interesting conversations. I have yet to host a room, but I hope to very soon.



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