So whats the deal with Clubhouse?

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Clubhouse the app has been around since March 2020. It was launched by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs Paul Davidson and Rohan Seth. In May 2020 Clubhouse was worth $100 million dollars. Right now Clubhouse is a free app to use. To describe Clubhouse it’s a space to have casual drop-in audio conversations. Think about podcasting but you can actually be interactive with your audience, the people in the rooms. You can also create rooms and clubs to dicuss topics of interest or share expert knowledge and get and give advice. Right now Clubhouse is invite only for Apple users. I only started to hear about Clubhouse late January 2021, and got an invite to join in early February 2021.

Here are my pro’s and cons using Clubhouse (on my iPad) –


  • My iPad is bigger than my mobile phone, I’m unable to use my mobile device as it’s android. And Clubhouse is not fully available on android devices as of yet.
  • The sound quality is very good.
  • Clubhouse is a free app to install on your Apple device.
  • Networking capabliities, which I will get into further on in this post.
  • Discovering new people that you have similar interest in.
  • Learning new things, especially learning a new skill or improve on my skills that can benefit my life in the futute.
  • Having a space to express my opinions and share my knowledge.
  • You can gain quick feedback on any topic and issue.
  • Brand growth through exposure.


  • That Clubhouse is not fully available on android devices, as I do many things on my iPad apart from make phone calls. And because I do more on my iPad, I miss out on many good rooms. And not fully active on Clubhouse due to being pre-occupied doing other things.
  • My iPad is not portable as a mobile device to take with me everywhere I go outside. Question – do you have a iPad and always take it outside with you? If the answer was NO, then guess what you’re running the risk of missing on interesting room topics, at certain times when you’re predisposed.
  • Other social media app distractions on my device.
  • If you’re a shy person then this might not be the best social app for you to get 100% benefits from using it.
  • It can be a battery drainer, especially if you’re on the app for a very long time.
  • I’m unable to share invites to people directly from my iPad, so I have to copy and paste the link and share on social media platform.
  • Once the room has ended, that’s it. It disappears gone for good, no backup.
  • You’re unable to record rooms, it might be annoying. But the reason is for privacy and safety and you also need permission from the host who is running the room.

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This is interesting, the many ways you can make money on and using Clubhouse.


Investing is good. There are rooms on Clubhouse where you can pitch business ideas, similar concept to Dragons Den. Where there will be investors in the room looking to invest in businesses. Do you have a great Business idea and looking for assistance?


Rooms where business owners are looking for opportunities and connect with entrepreneurs to create brand partnerships.


If you’re an established person in a particular field. You may be sponsored by companies to create and or attend a room to share your expertise on the panel, on the virtual stage.


There are Clubhouse Clubs where you can create and join clubs on Clubhouse. There are talks the Club creators will be able to charge a membership fee in the future. Maybe the fee will cover admin costs or as a off app add-on such as services, courses, newletters and informative business related information.


If you’re an expert in your field, you could create a room and charge people a fee for answering their questions. On Clubhouse there is the option to make room public or private or invite only. Right now you can’t recieve payments directly on the app, but payments can be made using CASH APP app.


Well since many of us are unable to network in person at events and so on. Clubhouse seems to be the place where many people are networking, the next best place to be. You can start conversations when you’re on the stage. And make sure you put your social media links and website information in your profile, so people can follow you to continue the conversations or job prospects off the Clubhouse app.


Being invited on the stage, getting paid for speaking. Sharing your knowledge and expertise and giving advice when needed. Negotiate a fee beforehand.


Like I have spoken earlier rooms can be private, public or invite only. So only those who are members and are invited are allowed in. This feature is not available yet, but the creators of Clubhouse are considering giving moderators the ability to be able to charge people for attending the rooms. Ahhhhhh this is a good opportunity to be a moderator in the rooms you have interests in. Then to get access to particular rooms for free, if your’e made a moderator.


This is putting your speaking skills to the test, to say persuasive words to attract the listeners. But this is good to give your product/service or business more exposure. And if the right people / customers are in the room, sales can be made by sending them to the website. Also, you can get immediate feedback on market research questions, which can be very useful.


Tipping may be possible in the future through the Clubhouse app soon. This is a nice way to show thanks to speakers who have helped you.


Writing Clubhouse bios that can help members to promote their products and services. As you know having a good eye catching profile that stands out with all the important information, can be very rewarding. This is another potential way to earn on Clubhouse for qualified copywriters.


It’s said that the founders of the app are keen on introducing a grant program to support emerging creators on the Clubhouse app. Similar to the TikTok creator fund on TikTok.

So there are many and future plan ways on how to make money on Clubhouse.

Information resource

But as a word of advice, be aware of scammers and don’t make payments directly from your bank account. Use money transfer platforms such as Paypal and CashApp. And never give anyone your bank details.



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