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Week 2 of Interviews with Natural hair blogger. For this week we are interviewing @afroani

@afroani instagram page

Quick introduction

Hi my name is Anita, my social media name is @afroani and I am a natural hair enthusiast based in London.


What is your hair type? I have at least four or five different curl patterns in my hair which makes it hard to identify what my curl type is but I would say it is somewhere in between type 3b and 4a.

How long have you been a natural for? I have been fully natural for about 5 years, it has been an amazing journey.

How do you feel about shrinkage? Shrinkage is a sign of healthy hair, i find it soo amusing to see how long curly hair actually is when stretched out.


What do you love most about your natural hair? What I love the most about my natural hair is the versatility of it, I can play around with soo many different hairstyles and I also really enjoy trying out new products.

What does your hair wash day routine look like? How long does it last? And do you pre-poo? My wash day routine can take me up to 5 hours, I like to pre-poo with an oil and then I shampoo and condition and I apply a hair mask or a deep conditioner. I usually like to style my hair in a wash and go or a braid out.

When was the last time you visited a hair salon? The last time I visited the hair salon was about six weeks ago, my hair was in need of a good hair cut since I don’t like to trim my hair by myself and the hair salons were closed for soo long due to Covid.


What is your favourite hair oil? My favourite hair oil is jojoba oil which is also one of the main ingredients in the hair mask I have designed for dry and damaged hair. You can find it at

Afroani shop website

Have you ever coloured your hair before? If yes what did you use? I have never coloured my hair before, I have thought about it multiple times but I never really went for it because I really like my natural hair colour.

What are your favourite hair products? My favourite hair products are the ones I am currently working on with my business Afroani Limited, I have carefully selected all the ingredients and formulated alongside with the lab every product. So stay tuned for some amazing vegan, cruelty free and ethically sourced hair products and accessories.

Hair tips that have been helpful for you? Hair tips that have been helpful for me :-

  • Deep condition weekly
  • Find what works for you
  • Finger detangling before going in with a brush

What are your hair goals? My main hair goal is to retain moisture and always have healthy hair which I currently have so I am pretty happy with what I have achieved during this journey.


What is your go to hairstyle? My go to hairstyle is a wash and go or a braid out which I then put into a high puff towards the end of the week when my hair starts becoming frizzy.

Advice for new naturals My advice for new naturals is to just have fun and really enjoy this beautiful journey, experiment and find what works best for your hair.

Anita x

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Thank you for taking the time to share with us @afroani

The next interview with another natural hair blogger will be comng out next week.

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  1. Fun interview. I love reading about how others care for their natural as I am on a natural hair journey of my own so I’m taking tips!

    Great post!

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