What day is it today?

So is it me or does everyday nowadays feel like a bank holiday? For me it does. Everyday is quiet, outside is quiet, I am actually hearing the birds singing happily outside more. I really have to remind myself what day it is nowadays, what day is it today? (Only kidding) I have been in self isolation by myself for over 30 days, I really can not believe how time and the days are just flying by. I had many plans in April and looking forward to the summer. But now plans have had to changes.

How has being in self isolation impacted me?

Well I am going slightly stir crazy. I live by myself so this is not abnormal to me. I mean before the lockdown happened I was not working, I had just finished a course and passed my exams. And joined a local choir in March so was going to that once a week.


Why did I join a choir? I hear you ask, well it was a self development thing I wanted to do, and to help me improve on my confidence, I do still have plans to be a public speaker, but I need to get over my fear of speaking in front of a crowd of people, I often do bedroom karaoke in my flat, but to sing in a group is different and to do shows in front of a crowd of people would help me to gain more confidence.

Sometimes its all about figuring out your own path to get to the goal.

I was going to a creative writing workshop, which surprised me, because I didn’t realise that when I am fully focused how much I can actually write. But these have both been put on pause for now and not sure when they will resume, especially when we come out of lockdown, social distancing will comes into play.

How have I been keeping myself occupied while being in self isolation?

Well I have started reading books, I will talk more about those books in future posts. To be honest I don’t really read books for leisure, but for learning for a course and so on. So this has been something new for me.
I was not creating video content for a little while, so I gradually got back into creating natural hair content for my social media platforms. (MISSYBEELONDON) I have been doing Lives on my Instagram page and Youtube channel more regular. OMG everyone is doing lives right now, because they are all at home, and that is keeping me entertained too.
Especially the Live dj sets, I love me some good music. My favourite dj Live sets are DJ ACE from Radio 1xtra, Ace of Jacks and Dnice who I have discovered since being on lockdown. Would you believe, this is so random by I participated in UK comedian Kojo amin song karaoke which he does regular on his Instagram page Live, I sang Usher nice and slow song, it was so much fun, I even won a t-shirt.
Also watching shows and movies on Netflix some of my faves including
  • To hot to handle
  • Love is Blind
  • Stranger Things
  • The Extraction
  • Dead to Me
  • Straight outta Compton
  • Lucifer
  • How to get away with Murder
  • Titans
  • The Umbrella Academy
  • Power
  • Top Boy
  • Black lightning
  • Santa Clarita Diet
  • Self Made : Life of Madam C.J. Walker
  • Think like a Man
I am writing more, thoughts, ideas and plans. Surprisingly I have only been in 4 Zoom meetings so far, during this time, a selfcare workshop, a taster session with a new choir, a natural hair sharing stories one and one where I actually gave advice about natural hair. I created a few new facebook groups too, I have too much time on my hands, lol. I think during this time it has given me time to stop and take a good look at my life and how to improve it too.
To be honest I like to distract myself a lot, but this can not be done all the time, and I have also started cognitive behaviour therapy (cbt) sessions on the telephone as we can not meet in person, social distancing, as I am only going outside for essentials and sometimes walks.
I don’t talk about this often but I suffer with high anxiety and low moods, but because of how my life has been since last year having a injury that stopped me from working and being in pain for a very long time and physically not being able to do much and to recent times, I realised that I needed help. I can be very stubborn and independent at times, but these traits are not practical sometimes. And the first step is actually realising that you need help.
My aim by doing these session is to learn coping techniques when I am having high anxiety moments, which is brought on by overthinking and worrying and feeling overwhelmed.

Anyways, now that it looks like most things I thought I would be doing will have to be adjusted. I am really investing time on my online presents more. Even work I had hope to get, now I have to change the direction also. Like I said earlier I am not working at this moment in time, but was looking forward to all the job opportunities summer was going to bring to me.

London events that was supposed to be happening but have now been cancelled or postponed. Social distancing again coming into play. So now I need to train myself up with new skills and do research for the new ventures I have plans for.

How has being in lockdown affected you?

On the grime side of things for me, I am not watching the News on TV too much now, as when I was in the past it was making me more anxious and had me overthinking more about the situation (COVID-19) Sometimes not feeling motivated to do much. My sleeping routine has not been the best of lately , hayfever symptoms has started with sneezing a lot and blowing my nose out regular, so I am glad I have plenty Loo roll. I still don’t really know what was with the panic overbuying of Loo roll?

What is happening right is out of my control, but the things I can still do I am thankful for, because you know what it could be worse.
Be patient, things will get better.
We will get through this.
For now I am taking things day by day for now.


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