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Yes I would admit it I have the Tiktok bug. But in my defense can I blame it on COVID-19 and being in Lockdown earlier on in the year. I go through my phases of dabbling on Tiktok, but I really have enjoyed making videos on Tiktok. It used to be the main social media platform I was mainly active on was Instragram, but things have changed. Mainly after the Black Lives Matter Movement and many unlawful deaths of many black people.

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I felt I had to step away and use my social media platforms less including Instagram and Facebook. And found enjoyment on Tiktok, than to be reminded of the badness in the world on other platforms. And these incidents weighed heavy on my heart. I guess you can say it is a kind of escapisum.

Being a overthinker and battling with high anxiety, I felt it is good for me to do productive things, during these quiet times to keep my mind busy and doing things that I enjoy. I did try reading books during the early stages of lockdown, but my concerntration is not the best. I did finish reading one small book, which is one small achievement and got halfway through another book. I did many free online webinars to learn about new things. But to be honest I really don’t like using Zoom.

Going of topic here, I must admit nowadays I am more on Tiktok than Instagram, but not on them for crazy hours, remember I get bored easily and concerntration is not the best. Even though I am not working right now, I have started volunteering in my community at a charity organisation. Why? because right now I am unable to donate money to charities, so I thought I can donate my time to help my community. Brush up on my existing skills and to have a recent reference for future jobs I apply for. Because some of the previous companies I have worked for are no more because COVID-19.

COVID-19 really has impacted things that I never thought it would. All I can say is do things you find enjoyment in, during these unpredicted times we are going through.

And after all this, the answer to the initial question is No I am not addicted to Tiktok. It is something new and different, and I do learn from Tiktok too.

And it is keeping my creative juices flowing and paying homage to my fave songs and artists.

Missybeelondon on tiktok



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