So I thought I would do a Blog post about my favourite apps on my phone, In no particular order. Below is a screenshot of my mobile phone screen with the frequently used apps on the first page of my mobile phone. Maybe I should remove Snapchat, as it has been a very long time since I have used it. And replace it with Tiktok, which I got back into using while being in Lockdown since the end of March 2020.

Updated front screen


I really can’t believe I have been using Facebook for over 11 years now. But its not all about connecting with old friends, its about making new connections. Joining in discussions in many communities. Sharing my content and learning new things.

Facebook logo picture


I have been using Tiktok from when it was previously called, but I was not consistently using the app. Before I would go on the app every so often. But like I have said above, I have began to enjoy Tiktok again, creating videos funny ones, duets, rants and more. I am trying to get to 1 thousand followers so I can do Live videos on it. Are you on Tiktok? And it is not just for young people, lol.

Update I now have over 1,000 followers, and now close to 2,000 followers.

Update as of December 2020 I have over 3,000 followers on Tiktok

Missybeelondon on tiktok

Missybeelondon on tiktok

Missybeelondon on tiktok


If you are not using Whatsapp, then what are you doing? The best app to share messages quickly and voice notes, videos, files and pictures. Who still sends a normal text?

WhatsApp picture


I have been using Pinterest on and off for many years now. But only of recently I see the potential of using Pinterest. It is some would say a “visual search engine” used to inspire people when they are looking for things. Using Pinterest has helped me get more traffic to my blog also. Do you use Pinterest? And vertical pins do better on Pinterest.

Missybeelondon blogs on Pinterest


Well if it was not for me starting a YouTube channel many years ago, I may not of took on the idea to be a proper blogger. I started my Youtube channel as a random idea, thinking let me just post a few videos up and see how it goes. And from that gradually I decided to be more focused and post content that was useful, and natural hair and creating content to give awareness and exposure to small black owned businesses.

YouTube gif


I know Google offers similar, but in my opinion I feel Google knows too much about us and information too. So I decided to use Dropbox to backup pictures, videos and documents, freeing up space on all my devices. Have had no issues so far

Dropbox gif


Do you know what? Someone was recently talking about purchasing music records and CDs. It made me think when was the last time I played a CD? A very long time ago, and the fact my CD player compartment on my stereo seems to be jammed so can not be opened. Only when my stereo system stops playing altogether and I have purchased a new one, I will do what I have to do to get the CDs out. But it really is funny how I really have become dependent on Spotify to listen to music, and I can connect the aux lead from my phone to my stereo system to play the music through the speakers too. I have created many playlists too. It is just the convenience of it.

Spotify gif


Twitter, Twitter, Twitter, I have a love hate relationship with Twitter. Only because even now I still find it fast paced and don’t get much engagements on my posts. But it is still a good app to stay up to date with news and entertainment. And when I randomly turned on post notifications for Piers Morgan, this man tweets so regular. But it was because one of his tweets I found out about the man that went on a stabbing rampage in central London.

Twitter picture


Who remembers using a book called A-Z to get directions to get to locations? Not sure if they still publish this book and the are so many new developments that can happen in a short space of time and for the book to be accurate they would have to publish many versions in one year. Anyways technology got better and somebody invented Google maps. It has been a life saver when you are going to new locations to plan your desired route journey, so easy to use, and is updated regular.

Directions gif


Who is not on Instagram? Again another I have been on and using for many years. For sharing my content and being inspired by others with similar interests. But I have been very consistent on Instagram from since last year, with Natural hair content, selfies, product reviews and of lately posting my Tiktok videos on Instagram, this is called recycling content. As I am not creating much natural hair content. This has been a weird year.



People always talked about using Canva and how good it is, and I only started using Canva properly couple months ago. I use it mainly to create Pinterest Pin pictures, as vertical pictures do better than none vertical pictures on Pinterest. It is very easy to use, but there is so much to choose from and at the beginning I did find it slightly overwhelming . It is best to stick to a particular colour theme and style to look more professional.

Canva app picture


Pinterest pin

Pinterest pin



    1. I think with Spotify there is more music choice, I dabbled with soundcloud, but its not my go to for music. Reddit I really don’t understand it. FPL is a new app to me, is it the football app?


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