So here are some random facts about me.

  • I wanted to join the British Army when I was younger, to be precise in Secondary school. Back in the days in the 90s, you would hear about how much money you would earn from being in the British Army, but was too busy in school to know too much about the wars going on in other countries, and the deaths. I am not even sure if I would of passed the health checks either.

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  • I like desserts more than dinner. I have sweet tooth, and boy did I learn the hard way about eating sweets late night and not brushing my teeth after when I was young. I have many filings and few crowns and a gold tooth, and few teeth extractions (wisdom teeth because they was not grow straight at the back of my mouth)

Chocolate cake

  • I did a Abseil of Twickenham Stadium, many years ago. This is a person who is scared of heights, but some how did it. Did you know at maximum capacity it can have 82,000 people inside it. Built in 1907, the main sport that is played their is Rugby. Has 8 floors about ground. yes to some people this might not be a tall building, but when you are dangling of the side with only a rope to hold, then you will understand. I did see some nice views coming down. Would I do it again? to be honest maybe, to say no is too easy.

  • I have big flat feet and wear size 9 UK footwear, I used to wear size 8 but realised for whatever reason my feet have expanded and size 9 will be more comfortable to wear on my feet. To be honest I wear mens trainers, but sometimes find it a struggle to find nice shoes that are in my size and the style that I like. I envy those who have small feet 🙂 . And due to having flat feet I can’t wear high heels. And I have insole special made for me, again because of my flat feet and how it has a impact on my knees.

  • In my life I have only been on a plane one, and that was for a holiday to Italy, not to far from the UK. Who knows how travelling will be after Lockdown is over, social distancing and new rules and regulations for travelling. I guess all I can do right now is save money.

Thank you

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  1. Army? Wow that’s hectic! I get very scared whenever I think of anyone willingly choosing to give up a normal life to go and be on a battlefield. Glad you didn’t do itn

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  2. I have flatter feet too! I used to wear heels but have since confined myself to non heel shoes and I’ve never been happier lol. I live for my boots, crocs, uggs, baller flats and sneakers!

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