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Week 5 of Interviews with Natural hair bloggers. For this week we are interviewing @malikasloxdem

Quick introduction

Hey I’m Malika. I’m a loc content creator. I love to blog about my loc journey, and recently launched my business @texturedrootsstationery (Home to The Natural Hair Planner) this year, which keeps me busy! 

What is your hair type? I would say it’s a mixture of 3c-4b 

What style do you have in your hair right now? My nearly 2 year old locs, which I wear mostly down or in buns.

How long have you been a natural for? I’ve been natural since I was 16 years old after a short & brutal stint with perm! 

How do you feel about shrinkage? I think we should embrace it. It’s what makes natural Afro curly textured hair magical! 

What do you love most about your natural hair? How versatile and full of character it is! 

What does your hair wash day routine look like? How long does it last? My wash day is super easy since I’ve loc’d. Thank God lol. I try to wash my locs every week with a moisturising shampoo. I do a scalp massage to promote growth and relaxation, and then rinse! I do use a conditioner when my locs feel a little dry, but that’s not often. All in all. It can last around 20 mins plus air drying time. 

Do you Pre-Poo your hair? If yes or no why? Sometimes I may do a hot oil treatment before I shampoo to help lock in moisture. That’s mainly in the winter. 


When was the last time you visited a hair salon? Ages ago! I think back in January 2020 before lockdown I went to get my locs interlocked. 

What is your favourite hair oil? Palmers coconut oil hair and scalp spray, it smells lush & the peppermint works wonders on my scalp! 

Have you ever coloured your hair before? If yes what did you use? Yes I had the tips of my locs bleached blonde professionally about a year ago. I may try colouring my locs myself using a box dye real soon…watch this space! 

When was the last time you trimmed your hair? Do you trim your hair yourself or someone else? I had my loose natural hair trimmed professionally about 2 years ago on the day I put my hair into locs. I don’t plan on trimming my locs and I didn’t trim myself as a loose natural. Too scared! Lol 

What are your favourite hair products? I love Melanin Mades black castor oil for my edges & Design Essentials Avocado & Almond Shampoo. 

Do you have and hair disaster stories you would like to share? I remember when I first went natural I didn’t know much about my hair and what it needed, so I was trying out loads of new products at the time. This time I had used a new curl smoothie, and my curls were POPPING when I left the house. But by the time I got into my 10am meeting at work, my hair had dried up, shrivelled up, got frizzy and very crispy. I tried to put into a bun but I couldn’t even comb it as it had gone rock solid. I just had to hold my head high and roll with it until the end of the day lol! 


Hair tips that have been helpful for you? Find out your hairs porosity. That’ll help massively with choosing the right products for your hair and help you avoid horror hair disasters like mine! Lol 

What are your hair goals? I’d love to nurture my locs, to grow to bra strap length by this time next year! 

What is your go to hairstyle? 2 low buns and a swept side fringe. It’s cute and low tension. 

Advice for new naturals Embrace the journey and document it to see what’s going well, and which products are actually working for you! 

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@texturedroots_stationery for beautifully designed and quality stationery, including The Natural Hair Planner which can help women with Afro and curly textured hair to  document their hair journey. 


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The next interview with another natural hair blogger will be coming out next week.

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