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Ok, so firstly I do not swim myself, but I have a big head, she says with pride, lol. And to be honest, I don’t want to get my natural hair wet. Natural hair is hard work to maintain, ain’t no wash and go process here. It’s detangle then wash then deep condition and then style. Being a natural hair blogger, and having been to many events, I get to discover new products in the different markets. And thought to write a quick blog about swimming caps, for all the natural hair and big hair swimmers out there.

Because I know there are people who find it hard or maybe unable to participate in swimming activities due to not being able to find swimming caps to fit your head comfortably if your have a big head or certain hairstyles lie long locs, hair extensions, and weaves. So find it hard to find swimming caps to fit with ease and to be comfortable also.

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What are the benefits of wearing a swimming cap?

The main purposes of a swimming cap is to reduce the amount of water that goes on your hair while swimming, and protect it from the chlorinated water. And also keep hair out of the face.

Before swimming caps were made mainly from Latex, but it was discovered Silicone material is more durable, and good for those who are allergic to Latex. Silicone is more puncture resistant than Latex and hair sticks less to a Silicone cap than that of a Latex cap.

So I wanted to share a few businesses I know

First is SOULCAP, they are a UK Black owned business established in 2019. They produce swimming caps in various sizes to cater for your needs, and have children to adult range. SOULCAP saw there was a gap in the market, and was preventing people from participating in swimming, especially those in the Black community.

Their slogan is ” BIG HAIR DESERVES BIG CARE” and de-myth the stereotype that black people don’t swim.

SOULCAP swimming caps are latex free and are made from 100% Premium Silicone.

A variety of colours are available

Soulcap largest swimming cap

The largest size cap is XXL Height – 36cm Width – 32cm Opening 23cm

Prices start from £12.99 to £18.99

SoulCap Website https://soulcap.com/

Soulcap swimming caps website

SoulCap on Instagram https://instagram.com/soulcapofficial

Soulcap Instagram page

Second are JoRae, Another UK Black owned business, established in 2017. Again they saw their was a gap in the market, and saw the opportunity to cater for the needs of those who are looking for swimming caps to cater for them. To cater for childern and adults.

Their slogan is ” JoRae swimming caps taking care of Big hair

Jorae swimming caps

JoRae swimming caps are made from 100% Silicone, flexible, durable, odourless, and non-toxic.

A variety of colours are available

The largest cap size is XL Height – 36cm Width – 32cm Opening 23cm

Prices start from £12 to £15

JoRae Website https://www.jorae.co.uk/

JoRae on Instagram https://instagram.com/joraeinsta

Jorae Instagram page

I hope this blog post was useful, and please share if you someone who would like to swim, but finding it difficult to find a swimming to fit comfortably.

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