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So I recently won a natural hair journal on Jamelia Instagram page, we’ll few months ago now. Jamelia is a Singer, songwriter, TV personality, entrepreneur and also has natural hair. So I have been following her on the socials for a very long time, and remember her songs way back. Anyways like I said she has natural hair and is not afraid to show it off and inspire us with her hairstyles. She published The Natural Hair Journal earlier on this year. And saw she was doing a giveaway, and I had to enter, and you read at the beginning of this blog that I WON.

So when it comes to looking after and documenting what I do with my hair, I myself would usually record dates of when I wash my hair in my phone calender and my paper calendar. But there is only so much you can write on these two forms of documents/devices what I do and use in my hair.

Now comes a the hair journal, you can write almost anything hair related in it.

I am enjoying using this hair journal by Jamelia.

Here are the important pages for me –

The full month calendar on one page – as you can see I am using highlighters as keys. The purple colour for the days I washed my hair, the yellow colour is for the days I deep conditioned my hair, and the blue colour are the days I refresh/moisturise my hair. I write big and thought it would just look messy, so thought my colour code would look better. In the future I will be using small dot stickers. I just have not purchased them yet. Or I did get some but they are slightly big. So going to look for smaller ones.

To have the whole month on one page helps me to see what I do to my hair and when in the month. And to be honest I need to refresh/moisturise my hair in between wash days. Which I will be doing more especially as the season has changed.


Daily entry pages – and this hair journal is flexible as the days are left empty, so you can input the dates. Even though many day sections are left empty. I make sure put in the details of what I do to my hair on the particular days for the wash days and refresh/moisturise my hair and log in what I did and the products I used.


The Gratitude log – I like this page, but have not been filling it out per month as yet. But I will. Having the gratitude pages helps you or shall I say reminds you what you are grateful for. Things positive to write about.


Hair profile page – This is a very good page also to make you think about your hair. Did you notice any growth? How is your scalp? How are your edges? Are you experiencing any dandruff? And so on. If the scores are low, this is when you can think how to improve your hair condition and ways how to improve you hair, to make the scores better for following month.


And everything is all in one place to come back to in the future, to remember what you did and used many months ago, and to properly see changes good and bad and having the information to examine why.

This journal has come to me at the right time, as I have been journalling more in general. Lucky for me I have documented some of my hair journey on my Youtube channel also. Youtube channel Missybeelondon

I do also enjoy the quote page at the beginning of each month also.



There are other category pages in this journal such as a page to note down your favourite natural hair influencers, length check, favourite products you use, your hair routine, and more.

This Natural hair journal is a 1 year journal, also the dates and months are not set, so you can enter the month in for when you start the journal.

You can purchase The Natural hair journal from Amazon

Red cover journal https://amzn.to/3jhJVTX

Green cover journal https://amzn.to/30mvXZz

Yellow cover journal https://amzn.to/3l5HdBt

Blue cover journal https://amzn.to/2HLGcQA

And here is a full tutorial on how to use the Natural hair journal by Jamelia

Jamelia natural hair journal tutorial

How are you journalling your hair journey?

Have you used a hair journal before?

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  1. The journal looks so good and useful. I once had a hair journal but I couldn’t keep up with it because most times I have my hair in a protective style and during that time I do the barest minimum with my hair.

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