Yes you have read the blog title right, sitting here thinking and that maybe I could off been in a worser situation mentally, than where I am now.

I started up blogging again during Lockdown around April 2020.

Why? I am a content creator, but I usually create picture and video content. But I think that because I have been through a lot with my mental health and having injuries, which have stopped me from working. Those days when the pain was so bad and had many difficulties doing simple day to day activities. Then being ready to go back to work again in March right before COVID-19 happens and effects the world. And other personal issues too.

I think with all that I have been through, my state of mind. Not having interest or lack of interest, enthusiasm, and low motivation, to create video content and doing style videos and tutorials with my hair, being that I am a Natural hair blogger.

And thought I seem to be writing more in general before and since COVID-19, why don’t I try blogging again. I lost my previous blog page due to the situation I was in and simply was not able to afford it, being on limited income. And having to put important essentials first. Even though thinking now there might of been a way to save it. But with Missybeelondon Blogs I am starting a fresh.

And realising that blogging is a way of sharing knowledge.

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Being a overthinker and dealing with bouts of high anxiety for a very long time. Blogging again has had a positive impact for me. Helping me to still be able to share my experiences and knowledge and learning.

Blogging I say it in another way has been a positive outlet for me.

But I do think about missing going out properly and going to many events and physically speaking to like minded people face to face.

This year I had plans to do public speaking at events about natural hair and life, but have been put on hold. And to be honest with all the stresses and new worries and adjusting to a new normal, not sure when this will happen for me again.

And I know I have a lot to talk about, but it is just about how I express it.

Confession, I don’t really like using Zoom. I don’t know what it is, but I just don’t like it. I am fine doing lives on Social media platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok. But something about being on Zoom just makes me anxious. For example I joined a local choir earlier this year, something different for me to do and to help me gradually get over my fears of public speaking, if I could sing in public I should be able to do public speaking. As to be honest I get shy speaking in front of a large crowd of people. But by going to choir was a way to help improve my confidence. And then COVID-19 happened, and choir practice moved to being on Zoom, which I found it hard to adjust to. And concentration is not the best for me, so my mind would wonder very easy. And just feeling that it was not enjoyable for me like how it was when I was physically in the same space with the other choir members. I guess it is a disconnect which I am experiencing which I don’t particularly like. And with more social distancing restrictions in place, choir practice will continue on Zoom for the foreseeable future. It really is a shame, but I can not keep trying to force things. So for now I have bowed out of choir practice on Zoom.

COVID-19 has forced me to think about the things I have been avoiding for a very long time, and just thinking about things more in general. As there are less distractions, my brain just feels full, with so much thoughts and worries, it sounds so odd to write, but hope you get the gist of what I am trying to say.

If I was not writing blogs, who knows what I would be doing and how I would be sharing my content. And it’s funny when I had my old blog page in 2017 and to blogging now, I really am taking it more serious now.

And staying true to myself and keeping it real. I think back in 2017 I was more fearful and lacked focus and was not able to express myself like how I am now. Plus there was other distractions.

Tips I have found helpful for me for creating and staying focused creating blogs.

  • Is to write blogs on paper, this practise has been very good for me. Than to stare at the computer and wonder what to do. As I write more with a pen and paper.
  • Make notes of everything, I have a forgetful brain so have notebooks or exercise books to keep notes of everything. Maybe a reason I feel less confident recording videos right now is that I feel more pressure and trying not to make many mistakes, and becomes very frustrating and embarassing when thus happens a lot. So blogging is more easier for me to do right now.
  • Write blogs that are useful and the audience can learn from.
  • Create catchy Blog titles.
  • Having a blogging book to schedule and put information for blogs in it, than to use singular pieces of paper as they can get lost. For me having a book it helps me to keeo things in order so I don’t something important.

I am still learning to be more organised, but the tips above really do help me. I can see improvements on what I do when it come to blogging since April 2020.

Also plan content in advance, which I have nearly completed for October, so stay tuned.

A habit I need to do less of is procrastinating, and just think “JUST DO IT”. And try to overthink less.

Just do you

Thank you for reading this more indepth blog by me, and I hope I can write more blogs like this in the future.


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  1. I agree! I started blogging in 2018 and stopped for about a year or 2 and then the pandemic happened and I decided to go back to blogging and it’s honestly helped my mental so much. Being able to share useful tips with others and meet like minded ppl has been amazing and I’m super grateful ❤️

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  2. Agreed.
    I’ve been blogging for over four years now, and before the pandemic, I took a hiatus. After getting laid off from work, I found myself drawn to pick up my blogging passion again.

    There is something powerful and therapeutic about writing that eases you when you get lost in words to express your feelings.

    Thank you for sharing!


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  3. I like the tip of making notes for everything! If I don’t write notes on something then I am extremely likely to forget it. I am glad blogging has helped you during this pandemic! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Feel free to read some of my blogs 🙂

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