Knee sprain – How to heal it quickly

Knee sprain – how to heal it quickly

Well being that I have only now recovered from a Knee sprain, which I had from last year, I am sharing tips for it to heal quicker. In no particular order.


Sleep on your back this I learnt because I realised I could sleep on the non bad side, but then when I wake up in pain its because I some how rolled over to the bad side with my knee sprain. When I sleep on my back I usually wake up on my back. It maybe be hard to adjust but it does help.


Applying Deep heat cream and or a deep heat spray to put on the affected area, it helps, apply as direction instructions.


Using a Cold compress to calm down the swelling and helps subside the pain for a little time.

Hand on the knee


Wearing a Knee brace especially if you are a active person, and helps with the impact of walking on that knee, I myself didn’t purchase one as I have big legs.


I say this again Don’t sleep on the affected knee side, as you will be woken up by the pain, because of the pressure the is put on the affected knee when you are sleeping.


  • Use a pillow to elevate the knee, during the day and while sleeping, this I found very good to do and still use a pillow under my knee to this day.

  • Massage the knee area, it might be tender, but it does help. if it is too painful then wait until it is more comfortable to do.
  • Knee massage


    Check your footwear – are they in good condition? Look at the soles of your footwear is there any wear and tear?


  • Invest in new comfortable footwear.

  • Wear insoles if needed, I always need to wear insoles as I have flat feet, which I think is one of the reasons why my knee sprain took longer to heal.

    • I Repeat wear comfortable footwear.
    • In the early stages of the sprain, try to keep the affected area elevated, whenever you can, try not to stand for too long.
    • See a Physiotherapist if the symptoms of injury does not improve after a month or so. I was stubborn and thought oh it would get better I don’t need any help.
    • REMEMBER Knee sprains take a long time to heal.
    • Take things easy, if you can and ask for help if you can.
    • Shoulder bags – watch how many items you put inside it, example heavy items water bottles, books and so on. Because added weight means putting more weight on the knee sprain.

    Black racksack

    • A Rucksack is good for even weight distribution for the items in your bag, than have weight of a bag on one side of the body
    • Shoulder bags and tote bags are not practical, especially if you have it on the particular same side as the knee sprain, I myself made this mistake due to habit, until someone noticed and advised me on what I was doing wrong.
    • Eat better, I don’t want to patronise . So try to make a few changes to your diet.
    • And watch what you are eating, especially as you are less active than normal.
    • Watch the amount of painkillers you are taking and the duration, I myself realised at the less painful time of my knee sprain I was taking painkillers because it was routine to me, whether I was feeling much pain or not. And thinking I might feel pain. And keep your informed what you are taking. As I was purchasing over the counter painkillers not prescribed from my doctor, as it was more cost effective. The painkiller is was taking was Ibruprofen.


    Again take things easy

    And your knee sprain will get better

    Just have patience

    I hope this was useful





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