Hair Detox? What is a hair detox? What do you need for a hair detox?

Hi everyone,

I am coming back with more natural hair advice. So I hear you wondering how to give your hair a detox? In other words Hair detox. Just like we how exfoliate our skin and detox cleanse our bodies every so often. Our hair scalp and strands needs a detox too. To refresh the hair and remove what normal shampoos can not remove from the hair and scalp. Even though I have natural type 4 hair, I have been slacking on the basic things I should be doing to improve the health of my hair.

The last time I did a proper hair detox on my hair was a couple of years ago at the beginning of my YouTube journey. And thank goodness I did do a video using clay in my hair or I would not of remembered. But since last year I have been documenting things what I do with my hair more, not only just by recording videos.

Anyways let’s get into it. How do I detox my natural hair? Well you need a few ingredients Bentonite clay powder , Apple cider vinegar, a plastic spoon and a plastic or glass bowl. Don’t not use a metal spoon, as it reacts with the ingredients and you will not get the full benefits from this mixture.

Bentonite clay, apple cider vinegar, glass bowl, plastic spoon

What is Bentonite clay powder?

Bentonite clay is a natural clay. Cream or pale grey in colour. It contains minerals such as Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Copper and Zinc. It’s formed from Volcanic ash. Has health benefits if consumed orally and can be used on the skin and hair. Bentonite clay is used to remove impurities such as oil buildup and toxins. Bentonite clay has been used for thousands of years, because of its beneficial properties. Bentonite clay is also anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.

So why use Bentonite clay on your natural hair?

    Again it removes impurities from the hair that normal shampoos are unable to remove.

    Can help if you experience dandruff

    Has Anti-bacterial properties

    Can help define your curls

    Enhances the shine of your hair

    Lastly promotes hair growth by unclogging hair follicles, creating a better environment aka hair and scalp for healthy hair growth

So how do I do a Hair detox?

    Empty around half a cup or more of Bentonite clay into a glass or plastic bowl

    Add Apple cider vinegar a little at a time stirring with a plastic or wooden spoon or spatula, until you have a nice creamy consistency

    Apply the mixture to freshly washed hair in sections, but do not apply to your scalp

    Finger detangle you hair if needed, and to make sure the mixture is evenly distributed

    Leave on your hair until it is dry

    Then rinse out with lukewarm water, until all the clay mixture is rinsed out of your hair

    Then continue with your wash day routine, apply a normal conditioner to your hair or deep conditioner your hair


Since I have used the Bentonite clay in my hair I have noticed it is more stronger, and coils(curls) better when wet. And is more healthier. With time will come hair growth.

It has been advised to give your hair a detox every 3 months, I gave my hair a detox in June 2020, so next time for me will be in in September. I have put it in my phone calendar, so I won’t forget. But I have discovered in hair groups and on a recent post I did on my Instagram page, that people use Bentonite clay in their hair more regular. So I guess it depend on the person and how they look after their hair in general.

I got my Bentonite clay powder from MonShea website





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